5441 SW 134th Ave, Miramar, FL, 33027

Shipping & Freight Forwarding

Customer Name C/O UBT

5441 SW 134th Ave

Miramar, FL, 33027

Email All Invoices to sales@usbelizetrade.com

Customer Service: (305) 999-5773

UBT offers Distribution, Procurement and Shipping Services.  Located in Florida.

At UBT we ship everything from single boxes to truckloads. We specialize in freight forwarding from Miami to Belize. We handle and ship online shopping orders, supplier orders, warehouse orders and more to Belize countrywide. Shipments leave Miami every Tuesday!



What is UBT's shipping address?
(Customer Name) c/o UBT
5441 SW 134th Ave
Miramar, FL, 33027
How often does UBT ship from the Florida to Belize?
UBT has shipments leaving Miami every Tuesday. 
I've never used a service like this before, how does it work?
It's Simple. Use UBT's shipping address as your shipping address online and send your invoices to sales@usbelizetrade.com - You will be notified when your order arrives in Belize via email or Facebook
When I enter the address it says Hollywood, FL should I change it to Miramar, FL?
Yes change it to Miramar FL, can be done manually or the option may be available to select.
UBT, how will you contact me when my order arrives?
Once an order is placed and on the way to UBT's address, invoices should be sent via email to sales@usbelizetrade.com. once received, this will be your line of contact for notifications and shipment updates.
How is price determined?
By dimensions and value.
Does UBT offer door to door service?
UBT offers countrywide shipping using local carriers by land, sea and air with over 25 pick up locations.
UBT, What is the best way to get a quote or update?
Quote request form, Email or Facebook @usbelizetrade
How do I speak to an agent on the phone?
Request a call back by emailing at sales@usbelizetrade.com include phone number and brief message in email.
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